TSG Nordic Gas AB specializes in high standard facilities for natural gas and biogas for a safe and environmentally sound management. The company is working to increase the use of gas power in the community, specializing in the transport sector.
Nordic Gas business concept is based on supplying turn-key facilities for gas, focusing on refueling stations, gas storage and back-up facilities. We deliver customized modern technology for natural gas and biogas, which includes both the gas phase (CNG/CBG) and liquefied gas (LNG/LBG).

LNG/LBG Turn-key

CNG/CBG Turn-key

Refueling services


TSG Nordic Gas AB is an engineering company that supplies turn-key facilities with a focus on gas storage and refueling stations for both CNG/CBG and LNG/LBG. The company specializes in customized facilities based on safe and modern technology with good environmental performance. The company’s services can also be extended to providing a refueling service i. e. include ownership and operation of gas stations and other facilities.